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Free Roof Inspection Knoxville, TN

What To Expect With Free Roof Inspection Walkthrough

  1. Check seals/sealant on all penetrations such as a chimney, plumbing stack, attic vents, satellite dish, skylights.
  2. Inspect the condition of shingles. Are they sealed properly? Do they have a healthy amount of granules left on them? Are any missing? Do they have wind or hail damage?
  3. Inspect the crown and stack of the chimney for cracks, missing mortar or stones.
  4. When walking around on the roof are there any soft spots? This will be a sign of rotting wood.
  5. Are any nails popping up? This happens whenever the wood is no longer strong enough to hold the nail in place. Can be due to a leak or just an old board.
  6. Is step flashing installed in all the necessary places? Such as, around the chimney and along the roofline where it meets a wall?

A Roof Inspection Focuses On The Overall Integrity Of The Roof.

It is my duty to best interpret how the roof will perform in the future for the homeowner so they can gain peace of mind and budget appropriately A roof inspection usually takes 20-30 minutes but can vary greatly depending on the size of the property.

We can even incorporate drone video to get a birds-eye view of the property. This helps us to see the big picture so we can appropriately diagnose the scope of the problem if any. It can also be very helpful on roofs that aren’t walkable or climbable.

Once your roof inspection is complete then we will adequately portray our findings to the homeowner so they can make an informed decision on how to proceed.

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